Yes, that is textured flooring on my wall


A designer's home office is a sacred place. For me, the perfect ambience includes calming hues, soft lighting, and wood tones. After searching for inspiration online, I knew I wanted a dark blue wall color and a comfy gray carpet. But the room felt bland and I didn't want to line all the walls with picture frames. So that's when I started looking outside the box— which led me to the idea of creating an accent wall out of wood. 

I began by searching for the type of wood that I wanted to feature. After scouring for reclaimed wood to no avail, I turned my attention to wood flooring. And that's when I found this:


The laminate flooring I picked came with 6 different styles that when paired together, created an abstract mix of textures and colors that blended seamlessly together. Using my circular saw I cut my first pieces and affixed them to the wall with my nail gun. To create the look, I didn't pre-plan the entire wall. In fact, it was done by eye with a few rules. No two pieces were the same next to each other and each row had varied lengths of pieces. 


When it came time to go around the window sill and wall outlet, I just used the age old contractor quote, "Measure twice and cut once." And before you knew it, I was almost done. I then came upon a challenge. The top row tapered. I double checked my measurements and my level. Everything was perfect. Then I realized, "Crap, the house isn't level!" So what I had to do was measure the width of the top row and cut to the varying width. If you look closely, you can see the top row tapers to the left. Crazy. 

Total cost: $182

chaz king