Going to kindergarten is a big deal for kids and parents alike. And when your first child or in our case, our twins, started their education journey, it was very exciting. First, taking the kids to the bus stop in the morning, then them falling to the ground from the enormous size of their backpacks…just precious.

But one thing I didn’t anticipate, was the vast amount of homework these kids had to do each night. Yes at 5 years old, our kids had the nightly responsibility of practicing writing, basic math, and reading. Mind you, these are the same kids who used their shirt sleeves as a napkin…good times.

So when the homework came home, I knew it was time to get to work myself. Enter the circular saw and the eye rolls from my wife who would of rathered I just bought the desks from Ikea. "Yeah, no…time to create!”


My initial design (pictured above) was to create a 3-compartment desk that the boys could store their books, markers, pencils, and Pokemon cards. You know, the essentials.

But the best part about these desks were the legs. I decided to make those out of piping so as the boys grew up, the shorter piping could be swapped for taller piping, thus making the desk scalable as they grew. Below is the piping framework:


From here, I measured the desk height, cut the plywood and then painted the pieces. Once painted, the boards were glued/nailed together and held in place with clamps.


Below are the finished desks in our home open-office. What makes me proud, is when I sit down to work, the boys sit down next to me and get to their work. Now if only I can convince them to turn off the Kids Bop office music…

chaz king